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Bhalogari is destined to become Bangladesh’s largest portal for vehicle purchase and sale, attracting individuals, merchants and corporations. Our proprietary appraisal and enlisting process guarantees secure and reliable stock, smooth financial transactions and robust after-sale service. more...

Customer Advantages

  •  High-Quality Inventory
  •  No-Haggle Pricing
  •  Exceptional Customer Service
  •  Worry-Free Ownership
  •  Available Financing


  • User-friendly e-commerce site
  • Japanese technician
  • Luxurious showroom


Our Values

We believe buying a car should be fun, easy, and affordable


Price Haggling was Unavoidable

At the shop/dealership, you were forced to negotiate for a fair price. It was stressful and time consuming.


Cars Priced as Low as Possible

With fixed pricing, now the entire car buying process is more efficient. There are no other hidden fees.


Lack of Professionalism

Sales people in several outlets were rough, inattentive or out-right rude. You felt pressured to decide quickly.


Experience the Japanese Way

Before any business, we aim to build a better relationship with you. Let us get to know you better.


Unstandardized & Vague Process

Haphazard processes, incorrect guidance and too many people involvements, made your experience quite intimidating.


Clear & Simple Process

Our showroom staff and call representatives, are trained to guide you through a simple and elegant process.


Slow & Response

When they say "We will get back to you", they seldom do.


Swift and Accurate Response

Whether it be by calls, emails or in-person, your inquiries are handled with utmost care and haste.

Buying & Selling Process

We provide a wide range of vehicles, to meet your needs

Purchasing a car usually requires some thought. Whether you are an individual, or a corporate buyer, your first step should be to analyze your needs. If necessary, ask your family, friends or colleagues for additional input. Make sure you are making the right choice.

Bhalogari offers an array of vehicles, from hatchbacks to suburban vehicles and more. Our website also features vehicles from individual sellers and 3rd party merchants. Each car undergoes strict, Japanese-standard 170-point inspection and refurbishment, before it is made available. Browse our website and pick any car you like. Contact us via the Live Chat feature, or simply drop by at our showroom!

Once you have finalized your selection, you may reserve it for a short period. Let us confirm the details with you, before you make the purchase. Each of our vehicles come with a 1-Year Service and Maintenance Plan. Our Service Center is equipped with the latest repair and maintenance tools and an experienced Japanese technician led team, to provide you the best service.

You can now choose from multiple payment options, including loans and financing. We are working with some of the most reputable banks and institutions in Bangladesh to facilitate your purchase. Please contact us for more details.

You can drive off directly from our showroom or arrange to have your car delivered for free, within Dhaka city and some of the surrounding areas. Rejoice! Remember, this is just the beginning of a long-term relationship with you.

We're quick with appraisals (and offers)

Are you a merchant looking to increase your sales? Or perhaps a corporation looking to sell off your aging fleet? Or simply a car owner, looking for a prospective buyer? Let us conduct your sales activity.

Once a vehicle has been appraised, the owner is asked to provide ownership documents for verification. We may require additional supporting documents to proceed with your application.

After appraisal and verification, a seller must agree to the terms and conditions and provide formal consent for enlistment at our website. Based on the condition and functionalities, all vehicles shall henceforth display a score, based on the appraisal process of technicians. This is the vehicle’s Bhalogari score. It is a reliable metric for the visitors and buyers of Bhalogari, to judge the said vehicle. The vehicle will be available on our, within 24-hours of receiving express consent.

Once your vehicle(s) are enlisted for sale, you can verify the upload from your user account. You shall receive notifications if the vehicle(s) has been reserved for sale. Please proceed to deposit your car for the final checkup and refurbishment, before handover. You may incur charges for loss of quality or damage.

Bhalogari will issue a cheque, or deposit the funds to the seller’s bank account, within 72-hours of a sale (after deducting the sales commission). The buyer will be allowed to post a review within 7 days of the purchase, which will subsequently be moderated and posted on our website. The seller will receive ratings based on the smoothness of the deal.




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